About Blogs by Amna Sadaf.

Characteristics of blogs by Amna Sadaf.

  • A mixture of observation, research and personal experiences.

  • Free suggestions and friendly advices to educate and guide.

  • Easy to understand and conversational style.

A good observation is considered a quality of a writer. Mostly my area of interest while writing any blog revolves around wellbeing and wellness, but this is not specific. What I observe I write, whether it’s any phenomena, social and individual behaviors, interesting facts or what I feel it’s a write-worthy topic, I write about it.

My blogs are a mixture of observation, research, my thoughts, and a glimpse of my personal experiences. There are free suggestions, friendly advice, and relatable topics in my blog posts for you. I write content to give awareness, information, education, and guidance in an understandable and conversational style.

How do you find them??? Don’t forget to give your feedback. Happy Reading :)